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Eleven club members gathered at Meelmore Lodge for a pre-ramble coffee and in light of the weather, to discuss the proposed route. The consensus was to proceed, with two ramblers opting for Tollymore and the remaining 9 deciding to ramble as planned.

The route followed the wall which marks the Mourne Way, then crossed the Trassey Track before contouring around the base of Luke’s Mountain, keeping close to the wall on our left. As the wall dropped away towards Tollymore Forest, we continued to contour around, heading for Slievenaglogh. The group initially tried to maintain our height rather than drop down but increasing depth of snow which masked extensive boulder fields forced us to retrace our steps and drop down to the original route.

The depth of snow made the climb to the Mourne Wall on Slievenaglogh quite daunting. After a brief stop for lunch, the Group followed the snowdrift which marked the wall, towards the Hares Gap. The path back to Meelmore was more straight forward with the quarry track which runs parallel and above the Trassey Track, well defined by the footprints in the snow of others who had gone before.
Well done to all for completing a more exacting ramble than was anticipated!

(Thanks to Orlagh and Cowan for the photos and Cowan for the text.)

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