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Northern Ireland Civil Service Ramblers Committee
Wednesday 20th April 2022
In attendance:
Jim Hamilton (JH, Chair), Cowan Higgins (CH, Sec), Denis Hamill (DH), Helen Magill (HM), John Holmes (JH).
1. Welcome  / Apologies
The Chairperson welcomed the Committee  .Apologies were received from Stephen Dougherty, Michael Carson, Norman  McIlhinney, Colin McWhirter, Wally Gamble.
2. Review  of the minutes of the last meeting (23rd March 2022)
The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate account of  the meeting.
3. Matters Arising

3.1 Matters  arising:
Escort of  Individuals back to start of walks:
Note was  sent to the membership and it was agreed that this was sufficient.
3.2 Insurance:
A note is  required from the Treasurer outlining the issues regarding insurance cover  for the membership.
3.3 Mourne  Heritage:
The  volunteers have been noted and will be contacted following discussions with  Mourne Heritage
3.4 First Aid  Kits:
It was  agreed that DH would purchase, on behalf of the club, six small kits from  Lidls to supplement / replace the current kits. DH will be reimbursed from  Club funds.
CH will contact  the membership seeking an update on the equipment held by members.
ACTION:  DH to purchase kits on behalf of the Club and to be reimbursed from Club  funds.
ACTION  CH to contact membership seeking further update on equipment held.
4. Correspondence
4.1 JH reported that the website company  had contacted him but that no action was required at present.
5. Finance
5.1 In his absence, the Treasurer provided  a written update on the Clubs current financial situation. The Committee  agreed that a total of £25 will paid to members for carparking fees  associated with Club walks.
5.2 It was agreed in principle, to cover  bus fares to and from walks during holidays but this would depend on the  financial position of the club at the time.
6. Walks Review.
There was a review of the walks held  during March – April and generally attendance was good. It was noted that the  summer programmes were now on the website and it was agreed that CH would inform  the membership of this.
ACTION: CH to inform membership  that the updated programmes were on the website.
7. Holidays  Programme 2022
JH provided  a further update on the Borders Abbeys walk. There was nothing further to  discuss.
8. Membership
CH suggested  that perhaps we should seek advice from NICSSA on ways to promote the club,  in an effort to boost membership and awareness of the clubs activities.
ACTION:  CH to contact NICCSA and NIPSA to seek advice on promoting the clubs  activities to civil servants.
9. AOB
9.1 Savings  Account:
HM informed  the committee that we now face the same problem with the club savings account  as we had previously with the current account. The committee felt there was  no longer a need for the savings account and agreed it should be closed.
ACTION:  HM to liase with Treasurer and the Bank, to arrange closure of the savings  account.
10. NEXT  MEETING: Wednesday 18th May 2022 18:45, Playball Conference Room.
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